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  • Shreyansh Idlers are subject to stringent Quality Control right from Raw Material Stage through production to Final product.
  • Manufactured by well trained and highly skilled workforce armed with years of experience with adequate knowledge of the quality requirements of the Idler.
  • Grease Packed for Life to ensure trouble and maintenance free usage.
  • Excellent sealing arrangement ensures that the idlers are Water and Dust proof ensuring a smooth and long life in the most severe conditions existing in the field.
  • Least Friction Factor ensures substantial saving in power consumption and smooth operation.
  • Idlers are pre-run in the factory for even distribution of grease and also ensuring least starting resistance.
  • Supporting Structurals members are manufactured in Specials fixture for consistent quality Apart from the regular Idler types special types of Idlers such as Special types such as Non-Magnetic Idler, Weighing Idler, Vibration-free Garland Idlers for machines live-shaft Idler, Rubber - lined Idlers for corrosive atmosphere, Picking Table Idlers etc., are also manufactured by Kali MHS.


Idlers are manufactured at SHREYANSH ENTERPRISE in a preplanned manner with built in checkpoints and milestones to ensure that the Right Quality Product is delivered to the customer at the Right Time.

Pipe or Barrel:
The Pipe or barrel is chosen out of the Right Quality Pipe and cut to size. The barrel is then Bored in a single setting using Double headed boring machine for Accuracy as also Co-Axiality of the Bores.

Shaft/ Axle:
Shaft/ Axle are also manufactured from Tested Rods and Machined in a single setting. The bearing Diameter are ground to finish in a single setting to achieve the high Accuracy, Finish while maintaining coaxiality.

Bearing Housings:
Bearing Housings are manufactured from Deep Drawable steel sheet. The bearing housing are machined to accuracy and then welded on both sides of the barrel simultaneously in a Special Purpose Machine under controlled conditions. This monobloc design is capable of withstand heavy impacts and are sturdy. The light weight of the bearing housing reduces the Rotating Part Weight thereby results in Power saving. SHREYANSH ENTERRPRISE pioneered in Sheet Metal Bearing Housing  This was also praised as a quality import substitute.

Multistage sealing are provided in the Idlers making the bearings Dust and Water Proof.

The accurately machined parts and bearings after rigorous testing and acceptance are assembled in specially designed Pneumatic Assembly unit to ensure proper fitment of the bearings and sealing while ensuring least friction at this stage.

Frames & Linkages:
Frames in case of Fixed Idlers are manufactured in specially designed fixtures with built in accuracy. This ensures that all the parameters like Fixing Distance, Troughing Angle, Height of rollers from bottom are maintained within limits. Linkages are also manufactured according to the specification and tested for necessary accuracy.

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